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What is womanhood? What a loaded to question to begin with! How can someone answer it when the answer doesn’t exists ? All those people who claim to know the real answer are liars. They just know the definition of it. Only a real woman knows what womanhood is. However there is a possibility that the definition is the real answer of this query but the definition itself isn’t clear to many so I should begin by defining what womanhood actually is.

To do this I could trot out behaviors and stereotypes–women are more caring, women are less strong, women cry, women like shiny things, women are better at English than math, women don’t like Hitler, etc.—but some woman somewhere would have a problem with my description. There is no one behavior that defines a woman so I have to turn to the physical. We understand that male and female hormones play part in designing different bodies of men and women but There is one thing and only one thing that makes a woman a woman and it’s not her genitals. There is more biology to it than your 8th grade teacher taught you! So, how is womanhood defined if not by genitals even?

That’s how:

“Womanhood is an instinct, an inborn urge to be identified and recognized with other women. It is a bunch of neurons programmed with a gender alignment at birth. That’s it. There is nothing sexy or spiritual about it. There is no behavior or body style, no color choice and no sexual preference or position that disqualifies you. It is more of a state of mind and being proud of it is the key”

“After all those years as woman hearing, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not this enough, not that enough, almost overnight I woke up one morning and thought I am Enough!” (Anonymous)

By now we are over the very popular definition that womanhood only includes specific aspects of being human like the physical attributes of the female or the ability to create life. Womanhood cannot be this limited of course. It is to move among the women in your life with a deep sense of connection, nurturing and support. To be confident and secure not only in your accomplishments but just because you are a woman. Feeling empowered and proud to be female.

The next question that comes to mind after understanding womanhood is what it takes to be a woman?

Of course we should be thankful that we have increased equality in every aspect of our lives and that more opportunities are available to women than ever before. Women have more choices than they did forty years ago. They can choose to have kids with a partner in a traditional marriage or not. They can choose to stay childless, live as single parent, or choose a same-sex partner. They can be like the single mothers who raised a president of the United States and a brand-new Supreme Court Justice. They can be like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. They can be like Diane Sawyer, Michelle Obama, Sandra Day O’Connor or like Nancy Pelosi who spent the first half of her life staying home to raise five children and then went on to become the first female Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Or anything else they can imagine but the reality is that it’s still tough out there. As the saying goes, it’s still a man’s world. And it is because of one of the unfortunate traits of human nature is that we feel a need to categorize people and this is evident in how we categorize women. We limit them and we say that she is, “that kind of woman” and that kind of woman is categorized as one who is traditional or modern or a feminist or not a feminist or liberal or conservative or a virgin or a whore. The list goes on.

However, I truly believe that if women are more supportive to one another and continue to pay tribute to those great inspiring women who really do push the boundaries and allow the rest of women to believe in themselves without fear of judgment or of not being good enough I reckon there’s hope for all women.  The next step, obviously, is to become one of those inspirational and great women.

Based on my analysis , I’d like to tell some ways that’ll help you become a great woman:

Approach Financial Planning As life Planning

According to the study the No. 1 topic women want to know is “how to have my desired lifestyle in retirement.” As that phrase suggests, women are sometimes skittish about the term “financial.” If that sounds like you cast this subject as a form of life planning. Put images around your work desk of where you’d like to travel in retirement to inspire you to save and invest for your future.

Little wonder that a growing number of financial planners now call their practice a “life planning service.”

Take The Initiative To Advance Your Career.

I’ve found that the more responsibility a woman has at work (and consequently, the higher her income – generally speaking), the more likely she’ll be to take charge of her finances too.

Yes as Sheryl Sandberg says, “lean in.” Ask for new duties, volunteer for tough projects and to go over a strategy with a mentor about ways to get ahead and so on. And don’t be afraid to negotiate for a higher salary.

If you’re married and not in charge of your money think like a single woman, this attitude will then spur you to become more financially aware, protect your savings and find ways to make your portfolio grow rather than counting on your husband to do these things.

Don’t Be Afraid To Push Yourself

Want to be a Woman of Inspiration? You can. “But you have to work at it and keep pushing yourself,” Libbe said.

Whatever you do don’t wait for the next recession to scare you into action.

As Katharine Hepburn liked to say, “If you need a helping hand you can find one at the end of your arm.”

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