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Electronic commerce, popularly known as E-Commerce find its meaning in being a variety of business activities, which utilizes the use of the internet as a basis for monetary transactions, exchange of information or both. It refers to a business model that allows companies and individuals to buy/vend goods over the internet. E-Commerce operates in four major request parts namely: Business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, and consumer-to-business. It is conducted over computers, tablets, smartphones, and other smart bias. Nearly every imaginable product and service is available through ecommerce deals, ranging from books, music, aeroplane tickets, stock investing, online banking and fiscal services.

E-Commerce focuses on digitally enabled commercial transactions and is therefore considered a veritable and a disruptive technology. Web grounded businesses have made considerable progress since the CompuServe dispatch in 1969. From that point forward, electronic trade has supported innumerous associations with developing various ways of new advances, upgrades in web availability, added security with installment entryways, and inescapable purchaser and business reception. Changes in invention have plainly determined E-Commerce development alongside worldwide conditions. The E-Commerce, as we know, is shape shifting with the fast-paced global changes and possesses excellent adaptive mechanisms.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, Covid-19, some pre-pandemic big-hitters have experienced a reversal of their fortunes in the last year and parts of the already existing online economy have boomed tremendously, amid widespread movement restrictions. Corona virus flare-ups all throughout the planet have pushed shoppers online to phenomenal levels. By May of 2020, online business exchanges came to $82.5 billion— a 77% expansion from 2019. It would have required four to six years to arrive at that number taking a look at conventional time-over-year supplements. Online business currently assumes an indispensable part in our day to day routines. It is reclassifying business exercises all throughout the planet. As we progress, we will find out how to maintain an E-Commerce business in this age.

Prior to the advent of online/ web based businesses; the predominant type was the blocks and concretes, physical organizations with an actual area, space and location. Purchasing and selling products required a functioning and actual collaboration between the purchaser and the vender. Physical business actually still exists but is rapidly supplanted by E-Commerce. From a developmental perspective, the greater parts of the physical stores are changing into E-Commerce stores. Consequently, it requires the foundation of an internet grounded presence and also moving center business tasks on the web.


• New jobs are being created which will ultimately decimate the numbers of unemployed people in the world.

• Faster purchases are made for customers and essentially, it reduces the queue time waiting.

• It provides more options for E-Commerce marketplace. • Bulk retailers are compelled to sell online.

• It creates a dynamic relationship and coherence between small businesses and customers.

• The masses can shop differently with a personalized experience.

Now, questions may erupt about how to launch and sustain an E-Commerce store with the rapid changes and benefits, glaringly outlined. I dare to say that businesses that aim to stay afloat, predominant over their competitors and also improve their respective customer satisfaction must align with the moving train. One of the ways to do so is to use an E-Commerce platform, a single platform to sell products to anyone. The existence of more than one platform poses a challenging task and demand on the small scale business or large scale business but if managed well, can improve the sales to a crescendo. Also, businesses can couple various marketing tools to drive more sales, and they include: Google analytics, Google trends, keyword planner, market finder and marketing kit. These would all help in maximizing their efforts in improving brand marketing, web performance, analysis, digital experience and more.

E-Commerce has helped both companies and individuals engage social media more and ultimately have increased traffic to the online media. However, with the presenting benefits and impacts of E-Commerce, there are some minor disadvantages associated with its expansion. They include;

• Limited physical interactions with customers, which come with its perks, as relating to the pandemic and resources pooled to combat the virus.

• Clients are progressively taking to the online media to explore purchases and afterward educate their companions concerning their shopping encounters—regardless of whether fortunate or unfortunate. Prior to online media, an annoyed client would inform a couple of dear companions concerning their experience. Presently, it is not difficult to tell hundreds or even a huge number of individuals in the couple of moments, it takes to form a tweet or update a Facebook status.

• Likewise, if there is a technological breakdown, it impacts the ability to sell. Given the not so recent Facebook and Whatsapp shutdown, businesses that thrived on making sales on these platforms were unable to do so, at the time. These platforms however, lost a huge part of their daily income on that instance.


In conclusion, the future of E-Commerce has more opportunities for expansion and growth. We must invariably juxtapose the past and the present, if we are to analyze ways to improve for the future. The fate of E-Commerce in the nearest future generally outweighs the benefits and impacts that we observe presently. Customary retail organizations are relocating to the E-Commerce space, growing their compass to shoppers and furthermore remaining in the opposition.

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