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Ten Incredible Ways To Avoid Procrastination

Ten Incredible Ways To Avoid Procrastination

Have you been delaying a lot of things?

Do you want to regain the stamina and get back to doing all the activities right when they are supposed to be done?

Would you love to get back to the track and stop delaying different tasks, to be more successful in life?

There are so many things that we wish to do in life; while some of us wish to be doctors, some of us wish to be engineers, while some of us wish to be writers, some of us wish to be choreographers, different individuals have different goals and aims.

However there is something that stops us all from achieving our goals and transforming our dreams into realities, procrastination! If you really want to succeed in life you need to kick this obstacle and plan your life in a much better way.

Before discussing the top ten ways to get rid of procrastination here are some of the things that you need to know about it:

  • What Is Procrastination?

When you delay you procrastinate. In simple words procrastination is nothing but the process of delay doing things for future. For an instance if you have been planning to write a novel but have not yet started and have always been postponing the thought over and over again then you have been procrastinating. The worst thing about this process is that you never do the things that you really wish to and your success along with the tasks gets delayed. Continuing with the example mentioned earlier, if you procrastinate the thought of writing a novel you won’t become a novelist. The moment you pick and drag yourself to do the task that you have been delaying that’s the moment of success for you and not just the first step towards success.

  • Why Does Procrastination Happen?

It happens when:

    • You don’t have a prepared time-management plan in your hands.
    • You are undergoing a lot of stress either consciously or sub-consciously.
    • You have the zeal to do something but are unable to make time to work on it.
    • You are not motivated enough to do something that you want to.
    • You are unable to focus on the tasks that you have at hand.
  • How Procrastination Affects Your Life?

It causes:

    • Stress, since you are unable to do what you want to.
    • Restlessness, since your mind knows that you are not doing what you deserve to.
    • Improper management of life, since you don’t do what you can to succeed.
    • Lack of success, since you do a lot of other tasks that you are probably not very good at but are unable to do something that can cause a lot of benefit to you.

Top ten ways to avoid procrastination:

  1. Manage your time: Unless you manage your time it is not possible for you to stop delaying things. Once you plan different tasks you know that this is the thing that you need to do at 10:00 am and this is the thing that you need to do at 19:00 pm; planning is extremely important in every individual’s life despite his profession or job.
  2. Don’t let go off your aims no matter how hard the path seems: There are bad times when you feel terribly broken and don’t feel like continuing with the aims that you have always had, never be disappointed by the failures, work hard and start reaching out for all the aims that you want to achieve in life.
  3. Keep telling yourself that you can do it; repeat, ‘I can do it’ at least ten times in a day: Whenever you wake up in the morning make sure you say ‘I can do it’ at least five times and five times before sleeping as well. When you do this you develop the strength to continue with your goals.
  4. Don’t be dependent on the others around you: Sometimes others get a lot of importance in your life, be independent.
  5. Don’t let others influence your aims or goals: Most of the times we delay things because our decisions, goals and aims are influenced by others that we live or grow with. Don’t delay your dreams on the basis of what others dream, live your dream, not someone else’s!
  6. Write down all of your goals: Unless you jot down the goals that you have been wondering about you can’t see them coming true. You need to be positive and read those goals every day so that you are motivated to achieve them.
  7. Spend at least ten minutes doing the things that you have been procrastinating: If you want to be a historian take at least ten minutes to read every day. Do this for all those goals that you have been holding on to.
  8. Do not get habitual with delaying things: Procrastination is nothing more than a habit, don’t get habitual with it!
  9. Psychologically develop yourself to do all those things that you should: You need to prepare yourself to do the things that you need to; unless your mind is prepared your heart doesn’t get parallel.
  10. Meditate to stabilize your thought process and mind: Meditation helps a lot when it comes to kicking procrastination. Meditate for at least 30 minutes a day and see the difference in your time management skills.

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