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Reasons People Cheat


Reasons People Cheat

In lives where love and intimacy has taken over by social identities and virtual reality people have taken relationships rather easily. Cheating and infidelity have become so common that most couples are separated because of reasons like this. It is not like they don’t love their partner but the journeys of falling in and out of love is very fast and quick. People have forgotten to put value in relationships and don’t want to work on it. They find the easy way out and therefore end up cheating. From facing problems like loss of passion, excitement and facing boredom couples often fall prey to things like cheating which makes them feel good about themselves.

In the fast lives where every second is important people have forgotten to stop for a moment and realize what they have and choose to be with someone who gives them temporary pleasures rather than lifetime of commitment.

There are many reasons why people cheat, some of which are listed below:

Sex Addiction

Having a sex addiction is a problem which people fail to recognize and acknowledge. They think it’s normal to have multiple sex partners which fulfill their physical desires. They forget the importance of mental satisfaction and fail to understand the relevance of belonging and closeness. Sex addicts are like any other addicts and therefore require therapy and proper treatment. Many times people chose to be sex addicts to hide their infidelity which makes the real addict a bigger cheater. There are recovery facilities for people like these where they can go and get better. People tend to do many unhealthy things once they get addicted to such things.

Not Being Loyal

Not being loyal and faithful to your partner is one of the main reasons for people to cheat. These types of people go out in society and when opportunity presents itself they get involved in cheating. They have no intentions on leaving their partner as long as they don’t get caught. They have literally no integrity and ethics. They would cheat for as long as it suits their need and move on very quickly. These are the people who are regarded as “once a cheater, always a cheater”. They have no intention to change and have no guilt of doing the wrong things.

Grass Is Greener

It is said that “Grass always seems greener on the other side”. It holds true to people who have given up on their relationship for now and they are looking to the end of it. They are in search for something new and exciting and therefore end up cheating on their partner. Usually when this happens the relationship is over in their head, they are waiting for something better to come along.

No Morales

Then there are other kinds of people who have no morals and values and for them every relationship and commitment is sheer wastage. They are a pathetic group of people who love to play with the emotions of others and hence end up cheating. There are the kinds of people who don’t have feelings and neither have they care about another person’s feeling. They are an emotionless lot whose desire and physical requirement is all about boosting their own ego. This person cheats because of extortion, promotion and all the other reasons but love. They chose the path where they get things done for their selfish motives by cheating.

No Affection

This person is not looking for another relationship, they love their partner but the lack of sex, lack of attention, lack of spark in a relationship makes them choose a different person where they can get attention and passion. The relationship of such people are either dead or is on life support. This person does not feel wanted or needed. This person can get caught up at work, school, bar, etc. and the boredom of daily life and chores make them want to get out of the sad relationship and find something new and thrilling. Now these people has no intention of leaving their partner and also possess feelings for them but just the dullness and no romance in relationship makes him/her cheat on their partner. This person will be guilty if caught and want to work on the relationship but becomes helpless not knowing how to correct the damages.

Other Factors

Other factors like disappointment, bad childhood and no control of desires, fears and insecurities and many other situational factors arise which makes a person cheat. They might not like doing it and realize that they are wrong but often cannot control themselves and find ecstasy in cheating and fulfilling their desires.

There are many reasons why people cheat and it might not just mean they are not in love but also that they want more than love. Cheating and infidelity is a growing problem for married couples and several therapies and counseling are suggested to couples who want to cope with the issues and want to have a long, happy and loving life with their partner.

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