The Everyday Student




The Everyday Student

Studying is as much art and science as anything else. Learning to study the right way can help students excel without too much effort. This requires training the brain the right way, a habit that must be inculcated at a very young age. Chelsea Dawkins’ new book “The Everyday Student” looks at studying and learning in a new light and provides tips on how students can optimize their study time to learn more and learn better. In her book, Chelsea argues for making an early start by beginning training before the age of three. She also discusses how parental influence can affect brain development and provides tips for parents to help become better students and get better scores.

One of the biggest stumbling block for children is acing Maths and this book has an entire chapter dedicated to the problem. This book is not just for parents alone, it is also for students to read and improve their study habits. The book gives invaluable advice on studying and teaches ways to enhance memory, so retention is better and the time spent studying is more effective. This book is relevant for students of all ages from primary to university level.

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