Secrets To Dating Men

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Have you kissed a lot of frogs looking for Prince Charming? Have you discovered there were no princes? Only frogs! Then, you need to read Secrets to Dating Men.

Within the ninety-one pages of this book, you will find such valuable information as:

  • Four important rules of dating

  • How to know when you’re in a dead-end relationship

  • How to nurture a positive relationship with that man of your dreams

  • How to be in love permanently

  • Why sex alone is not enough

  • What men really want from their mates

Secrets to Dating Men is your one-stop dating and relationship handbook from the author’s personal experience in a long-term loving relationship. It is a valuable woman-to-woman advice manual. If you had only one dating and relationship handbook, Secrets to Dating Men  should be your go-to book.

While you may have to kiss a lot of frogs to find him, there is a Prince Charming out there for you. Get your copy of Secrets to Dating Men and let the search for your perfect mate begin!

1 review for Secrets To Dating Men

  1. Sophia

    It is very original book about the secrets of dating men.
    There are so many positive things about this book, but probably the most important part is realizing that women are not so much different from men when put in similar circumstances. Very interesting book, and I recommend to read it to everybody who do not support evolutionary behavioral gender differences.
    Not every approach fits me particularly in this book, but it is a good foundation for starting dating.

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