Probability & Statistics




This course introduces students to the foundational concepts underlying statistical methods and probability and their applications. Major areas covered include representation and interpretation of data, measures of central tendency, probability axioms, random variables, and their probability distributions, introduction to sampling and experimental design, methods for exploratory data analysis, Hypothesis testing, regression analysis, the central limit theorem, point, and interval estimation, chi-square tests, statistical inference, and correlation with applications, etc.
Designed for students with no prior knowledge in statistics, this course can be used as a mathematics elective for students who are not mathematics, engineering, or science majors. It also teaches the practical ability to use statistical software to properly analyze data, facilitate the understanding of important statistical ideas, and interpret relevant inferential and descriptive methods. Once the course is successfully completed, the students should be able to:
• Develop a critical approach to evaluating study data, designs, and results
• Develop skills in the application of basic statistical and probability methods in empirical research.
• Demonstrate their skills in real-world situations.
Pre-requisite: Basic algebra


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