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Algebra 1 is the first year algebra course where you learn to reason symbolically. It lays the foundation for higher-level mathematics courses and involves graphing, solving of linear, and quadratic equations, including systems of two (2) linear equations in two unknowns. The course also includes the study of monomial and polynomial expressions, exponents, inequalities, functions, the use of symbols to represent real-life situations and the application of mathematical properties to algebraic expressions. It also demonstrates the appropriate use of graphing calculators and clearly communicates mathematics ideas.

Course Concept 

The Algebra 1 course focuses on four critical areas as below: 
1. Reasoning with expressions and equations 
2. Using units and relationships among quantities 
3. Evaluating and using linear, exponentials and quadratic functions 
4. Interpreting and displaying data with descriptive statistics 

What To Expect or Objective 

Students who take this course are expected to have mastered how to: 
Use number properties to Simplify and evaluate expressions involving variables, 
exponents, fractions and radicals 
Describe sets using set notations and find the intersection and union of sets 
Work with integers, rational and irrational numbers 
Work with graph and solve systems of equations and inequalities 
Determine whether a relation is a function 
Use factoring, quadratic formula or completing the square method and other 
procedures to solve quadratic and other polynomial equations 
Describe linear and nonlinear relationships using graphs, tables and equations 
Solve equations, inequalities and system of equations 
Translate word problems into mathematical equations, and then use the equation to 
solve the original problems 
Model slopes and intercepts in a graph and in real life situations
This course will not only stress the key mathematical skills but the ideas you will learn will set 
the foundation for Algebra 2 and Geometry math models. 

5 reviews for Algebra

  1. Natasha Bradley

    As a teacher I would recommend this video to learn Algebra. It is straight-forward and easy to follow.

  2. Rachel

    This course was so easy to follow. My grades improved so much. Thank you. I’m definitely sharing this site with my friends

  3. Amy Guerra

    The best mathematical material I have ever seen! I have struggled to understand math basics since college, and I ended up dropping the class. This course explains concepts to me in the most entertaining and easy to understand way possible. I am fascinated by the simple way in which all concepts and principles are delivered, they are all well accommodated in my mind, Thank you!

  4. Jacob

    I was surprised how easy the materials was to understand. I have nothing like this of material in college. Totally out of this world. Always thought math and especially algebra was a difficult subject but the way that it was laid out by this course was very well done. It was worth it taking it all in. This is an exposure into the world of mathematics.

    • loyaldetermined (verified owner)

      Thanks For Your Comment. Be Sure To Share This Information To Your Friends & Family.

  5. Alex Jacob

    It is great again taking the Algebra 1 course. I took it during the foundation class. It is engaging and well-articulated. I can never get board of taking the course as the contents gives insight into the math fundamentals that is not well thought in the traditional class room. From the knowledge of equations and expressions to exponents and functions as well as the application of algebraic expressions to real life situations. It is very educative. Thank you for impacting me with this great skill.

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