Algebra 2

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Algebra 2 is the second year algebra course where you build on algebraic and geometric concepts in preparation for higher-level mathematics. This online course includes 25 videos which follow Common Core standards in order to teach students how to apply concepts in real-life situations. AI is utilized throughout the course to assist students in mastering advanced algebraic skills such as linear equations, relations and functions, quadratic functions, polynomials, polynomial functions, inverses, and radical functions. After successful completion of the course, students should expect to have a mastery of algebraic concepts and a solid foundation to be able to delve into more advanced levels of mathematics such as Statistics and  Precalculus. 

3 reviews for Algebra 2

  1. Luke Kim

    The course content were well explained with easy to comprehend examples. Higher level areas of Mathematics that was constituting a problem to me were addressed. I understand the algebraic & geometric concepts better than ever before. Thank you for such an interesting learning experience

  2. Vicky Beech

    This is the most challenging and engaging course I have ever taken, I have a science background and always scared of algebra however I aced the course excellently well. I found these 25 lessons really interesting and helpful. I have much more algebraic skills than before. It is such a good and user-friendly material! I would gladly recommend this anywhere, and anytime.

  3. Marsh II

    Quite challenging but definitely helpful and rewarding to build up knowledge not previously existing. I have already taken the ‘Algebra 1’ course but the further details that go into the complexity of the finished document were interesting to learn more about algebraic skills. The content is great and refreshing, updated and we’ll researched.

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