Advance Linear Algebra




This course is designed to provide a foundation in the mathematics of linear algebra. It deals with the study of linear operators on special sets (vector spaces) and provides a basic insight into the concepts, techniques, and applications of linear algebra theorems. Topics covered include linear transformations, matrix algebra, diagonalization, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, Markov chains, vector spaces, systems of linear equations, Leontief models, permutations and determinants, orthogonality, linear independence, linear regression (least squares), Kirchoff’s laws, Quadratic forms, differential equations, Fourier series, etc.

Once the course is successfully completed, students would have learned, among many others:

  • How to solve systems of linear equations by applying the concepts and methods taught in the course;

  • The different number of applications of linear algebra; and be able to

  • How to develop modest logical arguments for complex logical arguments


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