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How To Deal With Adversity Part 2

How to Deal with Adversity Part 2

Any individual can go through adversity at any point of time in his life; an adversity is nothing but an unpleasant situation which arises when least expected. You may go through the death of a loved one, you may go through a bad breakup phase, you may go through a divorce period, you may have to deal with being unemployed; no matter what the situation is you need to be strong and mature enough to handle it in your own special way.

Here are the adversities that most of the people generally face in their lives (we have added tips to handle them in the most efficient manner so that you conquer the battle that you are fighting at the moment):

How To Deal With The Death Of A Loved One?

Death can be frowning; no matter who dies he/she leaves a huge bunch of people to mourn. If an individual close to you dies it becomes almost impossible for you to conquer through that phase of depression. Since you know that individual is never going to return to your life and your heart, the thought keeps killing you all the time.
However, no matter how close the deceased person was to you there are ways to forget them and get moving with your life. Read below to know about them:

Cry and let it go: It is always good to cry at times especially if you have lost a loved one. Let your emotions come out, don’t fight them, simply surrender. When you mourn the death of a loved one you are bound to have tears in your eyes, don’t be embarrassed of them and let them flow.

Take care of your physical health: When you lose a loved one you are bound to go through stress and anxiety. Stress affects your health in a negative manner. Thus the only thing that you can do is to take care of your physical health first. Remember, you are your first responsibility and it may sound harsh but you can’t die with the person who has passed away, life must go on and it does!

Do Not Sit And Wait For ‘Grief Triggers’

There are a lot of grief triggers that may remind you of the one you have lost, keep away from such triggers if you wish to cope up with the situation you have been put into.

Let the feelings challenge your emotions: As mentioned earlier there is no point in running away from the way you feel, the emotions come out. Let them come out before they make you sulk over and over again.

Lean on the shoulder of your close friends and express to them how you feel: You don’t need anyone else to help cope with your sorrows if you are blessed with a bunch of amazing people who are always by your side. Simply express your emotions by leaning on the shoulder of a friend you trust and let it go. Cry as much as much you need to so that you can move on with their support in the coming time.

How To Deal With Divorce or Breakup?

Divorce or breakup can be devastating.  There are times when no matter what you do or how hard you try you are just not able to forget the person you loved the most once. This is the time when you need to bring transition in yourself.

The trickiest thing about divorce is that even if you do it on your own accord without no one’s influence it is still quite painful.  However this does not meant that you need to dwell in the same pain, here are some of the best ways to face such a situation alone:

Don’t isolate yourself from the ones who genuinely love you: Instead of going to the person you have broken up with go to those who genuinely adore you. This group of people may consist of anyone; your parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends or colleagues.

Don’t try to make or build any contact with the person who shows no interest in you: There are a lot of people, women mostly who try getting in touch with their ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends; don’t do that, this only makes you look vulnerable and weak to them.

Do not listen to songs that remind you of the person you have broken up with: Do not get drowned in a list of sad and emotional songs, you now need to make a separate list that has motivational, inspiring and good songs. Even if you have to try harder do that to stay away from romantic and emotional songs, stick to party numbers and remixes to make yourself feel good.

Don’t stalk that person, instead keep away from social networking websites for a few days: There are ways in which you can stalk your ex-lover, don’t do that.  You need to look towards the future and not in the past.  Don’t try to find out what your ex-lover is doing at the moment or else you would only be hurting yourself to see him/her with another woman/man or partying hard with friends.

Socialize as much as you can: Do not isolate yourself, meet with your best friends, good friends or simply meet new people at a bar or a club. Meeting new people helps since you can get involved in new stories as they share their own experiences with you.

Find a new hobby or go back to a hobby you once adored: Get back to reading a good book, painting a new picture or finish writing something that you started long ago.

Do not depend on intoxicating drugs, alcohol or cigarettes to cope up with this situation: Stay away from drugs, alcohol and smoking, they only increase the stress instead of bringing it down.

How To Deal With Being Unemployed Or Being Thrown Out Of A Job?

Have you recently been thrown out of a job? Are you embarrassed to stay with your parents because you have absolutely no job? Have you been unemployed for quite some time now?

Don’t Panic, Here Are Some Simple Ways To Handle Being Unemployed:

Don’t lose hopes and have faith in yourself: No doubt it is difficult to survive without a job these days but that doesn’t mean you would never get a job at all, have faith in your qualifications and experience.

Gather yourself, buckle up and do the little jobs instead of doing nothing at all: Try doing small job instead of waiting for the big one with a handsome salary; little jobs would help you earn money in your bad times and ensure that your pocket is not empty.

Do not take off your frustration on your loved ones, stay calm: Most of the unemployed individuals tend to take out their frustration on the ones they love and the ones that love them a lot, don’t do that. Keep your mind as calm as possible and remember it is just a phase of adversity and it does not rain all the time.

Keep trying for new jobs: You must keep searching and applying for new jobs even if you have the small jobs in hand already.

Minimize our expenses: The biggest mistake that people make is to hope to get a good job but they don’t focus on minimizing their expenses. This is perhaps the best time to conquer your addictions as well. For instance, if you have been planning to quit smoking it is better to stop buying cigarettes and save that money for your basic needs.

How To Deal With A Foreclosure?

This is perhaps the worst phase in any individual’s life, even if you go through a divorce and other such issues you know that you still have a roof over your head that allows you to stay dry during rains and snow and protected from the heat and rays of the sun.
Foreclosure is a process in which your asset especially your house is sold by the lender in order to recover the balance amount that you the borrower are unable to repay.

Here Are Some Of The Ways In Which You Can Cope Up With This Stressful Situation:

Do not surrender to your emotions it will only make you sad and disheartened: This is the time to be strong and not the time to give in to your emotions, seeing your house getting ready for auction or to be sold is quite ugly but you need to keep your mind balanced to think about how to get out of the current situation.

Try understanding the situation you are in: Take a pen and a paper and find out ways in which you can come out of this problem, yes, there are ways in which you can delay the foreclosure process.

Consult a counselor: Counselors can help you through this process by balancing your mind, helping you with options and supplying you with enough emotions to fight through this. In simple words they give you their time!

Talk to your mortgage lender: If you have a third party between you and the lender contact them and talk to them. You can also talk to the lender and ask him to give you a few more days to collect enough money to repay the loan to him.

Find a professional foreclosure defense attorney: There are many defense attorneys on the market, talk to some of the most professional ones, some of them even give free advice.

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