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Loyal determined receives a provisional patent for the intellectual property: Heart Monitor

Several surveys conducted on accident causes show that the leading accident-causing forms of sudden driver incapacitation globally, apart from exhaustion are heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. To help lessen such occurrences and save people from avoidable accidents, integrating a driver heart rate monitoring system into automotive is a wise move.

And the good news here is that…

Loyal determined has just received a provisional patent for the intellectual property: Heart Monitor to monitor people’s heart while driving a vehicle.

This device would use in-car sensors and wearable technology to read physiological clues such as muscle activity, fatigue and heart rate and then alert drivers of possible mishaps before it is too late.

According to Dr. Wilson, “The driver’s heart monitoring system would play a relevant role in determining the driver’s level of engagement. It would provide an all-round-the-clock look at the driver’s health, detect changes in their cardiac rates, pick up signals of a blackout or heart attack, help you determine when to slow down/push your pace,  among many others– all these to prevent accidents due to driver’s incapacitation”.

“It would also determine how much you are driving and offer useful feedback about your intensity level. When someone behind the wheel has a heart attack this device can either alert 911 or take the victim to the nearest hospital”, he further states.

From bringing down driver’s death rate to lowering insurance claims among many others, the benefits of a heart rate monitor are undeniable. Without this it would be impossible to precisely determine your target heart rate.

This heart monitor would be made available in different forms. Some would be attached to the driver’s seat, wrist or somewhere on the steering wheel. For more details about the provisional patent on the heart rate monitor, kindly contact us on (302) 538-9798. Email: admin@loyaldetermined.com

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