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Fear, Courage And Success

Fear Courage and Success

Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it.
–Mark Twain

Fear, Courage And Success

You can become self confident by doing three things. First choose optimism. Believe in your heart of hearts that today will be better than yesterday and that tomorrow will be better that today. Second face your fears and act. Procrastination and inaction feed fear and rob you of self confidence. Action cures fear. Third surround yourself with positive people. Don’t let the naysayers into your life. Hang around with people who are positive about themselves, their careers and life in general.

Fear can — and will — paralyze you. It can keep you from reaching the career and life successes you want and deserve. If you develop the habit of courage you can beat fear. Repetition is the best way to develop the habit of being courageous. The more you are willing to face your fears –small and large — and act the quicker courage will become one of the guiding habits in your life.

Learning is a good way to become courageous. Fear is caused by ignorance and a lack of knowledge. When you don’t know or have limited information about something you become tense and insecure when you have to deal with it. Think about scary movies. When the hero is approaching a door and he or she doesn’t know what’s behind it and the music is playing some ominous tune your heart starts thumping and you fear for the hero (at least I do). The lack of knowledge of what’s behind that closed door causes our fear.

It’s that way in life too. We fear the unknown and uncertain. This is normal. Most of us learned it from our parents. They wanted to keep us safe so they taught us to remain with the familiar. That’s great for child rearing but it can have negative implications for your career and life successes. For example, you might not apply for a job because you don’t know everything about it and aren’t sure we can do it well right away. Or you might not be willing to move to a new city for a better opportunity because you don’t know anyone there.

You can defeat your fear of the unknown by learning about the job you’ve been offered or the city where the better opportunity is. Just gathering information and learning about something will help you build your courage and help you to face your fears and act.

For me and for a lot of people procrastination is the manifestation of fear. Whenever I become aware of the fact that I am procrastinating I always ask myself “What are you afraid of here bud?” Once I am able to identify the fear I’m better able to deal with it. As I’ve mentioned above a lot of times I am afraid of the unknown, of not knowing exactly what will happen if I act. My other two big fears are fear of failure and fear of rejection.

When I find that I’m fearing the unknown I learn as much about the situation as I can. The more familiar I get with the situation the less fear it causes and the easier it is for me to act. If you decide to donate for our cause we have a donation tab below this article, Also there is a donation link at the beginning of the website or you can send your free contribution to 2288 Gunbarrel Rd. Suite 154/388, Chattanooga,TN 37421. Thank You For Your Support. Our Cash App Is: $LoyalDetermined


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