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What Is Dynasty Mindset?

Dynasty Mindset is a set of assumptions, methods or notation held by one or more people or groups of people that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices or tools.

Mindset Explains:

 Why brains and talent don’t only bring success,

 How they can stand in the way of it,

 Why praising brains and talent doesn’t foster self-esteem and accomplishment but jeopardizes them,

 How teaching a simple idea about the brain raises grades and productivity,

 What all great CEO, parents, teachers, athletes know

The Nature Of Change For A Dynasty Mindset

Whether we’re aware of it or not we all keep a running account of what’s happening to us, what it means and what we should do. In other words our minds are constantly monitoring and interpreting. That’s just how we stay on track. Mindsets frame the running account that’s taking place in people’s heads. They guide the whole interpretation process.

The fixed mindset creates an internal monologue that is focused on judging: “This means I’m a loser.”

“This means I’m a better person than they are.”

“This means I’m a bad spouse.”

“This means my partner is selfish.”

People with a growth mindset are also constantly monitoring what’s going on but their internal monologue is not about judging themselves and others in this way. Certainly they’re sensitive to positive and negative information but they’re attuned to its implications for learning and constructive action: What can I learn from this?

How can I improve?

How can I help my partner do this better?

Your Mind-Set Can Be Changed Fortunately

Our mindsets regarding certain aspects of our lives are malleable and are based on our choice of meaning we give to things. If we consciously decide to develop a positive mindset, empowered by positive thinking together with an attitude of joyous expectancy of only the best we put ourselves in the correct frame of mind to propel our-self into proper action while anticipating and expecting successful outcomes. Often external events and circumstances seem to rush in to assist with our intended results. This knowledge is priceless. The knowledge that our positive mindset can translate into a world of difference regardless of the goal we seek.

We live in a culture that breeds fear and drives us to play safe, avoid change and settle for less than we want or are capable of achieving. Yet when fear runs most rampant, courageous action reaps the greatest rewards. Courage is the recognition of your fear and the decision to face it anyway. How do you get courage demonstrated and performed? You develop courage by experimenting, taking risks, failing and then trying again and again until you succeed. Through risk and failure that’s how you can find your courage to develop a dynasty mindset. It may be taught in school through exams, pop quizzes and term papers that we only have one chance to get things right but the real world doesn’t work that way. If you do something and it isn’t quite there yet do it again and again and again until it is. Through this way you can develop a dynasty mindset to get ahead in life and surpass greatness itself. To be successful you have to develop courage. And to become courageous, do courageous things. Much of being successful is about going beyond what you think you’re capable of and venturing into the unknown. Whether you fail or succeed you will learn and grow. Growth in and of itself means attaining a level of success whether it came from success or failure. Great leaders aren’t born; they’re forged in the fires of experience. Achieving the fulfillment and success you want in life requires overcoming your innate aversion to risk. It takes courage, courage to challenge the status quo, courage to make a stand and speak up, courage to risk failing or looking foolish. Courage to refuse to buy into the fears that drives so many people to settle, think small and play safe.

Your mindset in approaching any goal-oriented situation can absolutely make or break you. Having the courage to fail makes it easier to stay in the moment. Embrace a ‘Courage Mindset’ to speak up with confidence in every situation; navigate uncertainty with clarity and be more decisive in adversity, build a culture of courage in your workplace that improves bottom line results and by this you create a Dynasty for yourself and generations to come.

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