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Developing A Creative Mind

Developing a Creative Mind

Creativity is really about being able to see associations when others couldn’t. Imagination is an integral part of the human mind that covers both the creative and learning spheres. Increasing one’s imagination creates possibilities and creativity. The creative faculty of the mind helps a person in process oriented activities like thinking, memorizing, remembering or opinion forming. A rich imagination can enable someone to pursue and accomplish many great things. Being innovative on the other hand is about coming up with something others have not thought of.
Of course it normally takes more than the right mind-set to master the creative mind and we are all wired differently (some of us are blessed with the natural inclination towards innovations and creativity) but this doesn’t mean that we cannot do anything to stretch the limits of our creative minds.

Ways One Can Develop The Creative Mind

The best new businesses are ones that have never been done before so developing mastering creativity and recognizing creativity are key skills and mind-sets.

But how does one recognize and nurture creativity in a person or team?

Forever curious, maintain a keen sense of curiosity.

Endless curiosity is the number one indication of the creative mind-set. It allows you to challenge what is already “known”. The most innovative people in the world are also the most inquisitive among us. They ask lots of questions (often about what the rest of us often take for granted) and they’re always looking for ways to improve things. Curiosity infuses one with the determination needed to figure out or learn how to turn an original or innovative idea into a reality.  While there is certainly no prescribed formula that will help you adopt such child-like curiosity making a conscious effort to question everything under the sun is a good first step. With the magic of the Internet and Wikipedia at our disposal there’s no excuse for not getting the answers you want.

Always be open to new things, open your mind to unexplored paths. Creativity is often tagged together with originality. To come up with new ideas may be challenging and even oftentimes daunting as unexplored paths may pose unexpected threats. This is where one can find genuine ideas that can result in successful endeavors. This allows the creative mind the time and space it needs to generate interesting insights, associations and connections. This opens creative possibilities rather than categorizing new things into self-limited dead-ends.

Be Able To Visualize Other Worlds

Visualization is an important part of increasing imagination. Visualization is often perceived as one’s ability to create a clear and vivid picture in the mind. This is the most imaginative mind-set with the ability to visualize whole new worlds and everything in them. It’s the province of game designers and creators of new social media platforms. It’s imagining original themes, people with new roles and things with unique designs.
Read more, Seek out new experiences, Tell stories.

Creativity and imagination is sparked by learning. A person’s willingness to learn new things gauges his ability to accept and adapt to change. It improves one’s adaptability to imaginative reasoning and creative thinking.
Developing creativity require thinking out of the box. To think outside the box you must step out of your comfort zone and look at the scenario in a different light. As a matter of fact the greatest innovators are often individuals who learn from different fields and merge them together into something extraordinary. All you have to do is to try new things to stimulate your mind and senses.  Practice imaginative and creative thinking by telling as many stories as you can. Let it be descriptive. Let it allow you and your listener to visualize what is being told.

Embrace Ambiguity

This is the capacity to entertain contradictory or incomplete information without discomfort and anxiety. To the creative mind-set contradictions are an invitation to more focused creative thought, to resolve the paradox and derive a new unambiguous potentially great idea.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

It is often said that if you keep on doing the same thing then you will keep on receiving the same things. Challenge yourself to experience new things or embark on new adventures and endeavors.

Searching For Integrity

This is the desire to discover and the belief that there exists an insight or connection that will unite seemingly disparate elements into a single integrated whole. When it happens it’s exciting and magical and it feels absolutely positively and completely right. Integrity doesn’t need to explain itself.

Knowing You Can Solve The Problem

This is the confidence that you can tackle the difficult, even seemingly impossible challenges with inevitable dead-ends to make a creative breakthroughs. As with a success mentality knowing is the persistence to make creativity a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Spend Time With Creative People

Brainstorming, planning or simply talking to people will keep your creative minds running, giving new and fresh ideas. Hence synergize your energies by spending time with people who share the same interest as yours.

Look At Things Differently, Think Oppositely

At that juncture when you feel tired or bored and you feel like your creativity is running low look at things in a new perspective. This will give you a fresh approach to things that may even trigger new ideas that you once thought were impossible. Some of the most creative entrepreneurs (and teenagers) always seemingly jump to the opposite end of the spectrum from conventional wisdom. But many times to think differently and creatively you have to think illogically. Logic and common sense have a habit of leading us to the same conclusions.

Expand Your Interests

Creativity is fueled by passion. Expand your interests by shifting your focus to include other interests that you may be passionate about.

Condition Your Mind To Relax Through Meditation Techniques

A well-rested mind has a higher potential to learn new things and come up with more creative ideas. There are various meditation methods that you can do to help increase imagination.

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