We’ve always had one goal or another that we wanted to achieve in life. But along the line, something seemed to happen that would make us procrastinate and eventually impede our ideas from materializing. Have you noticed that it seems more challenging to focus, more difficult to feel motivated or connected, or have you been aware of a generalized feeling of disinterest, distraction, disconnection, or mild confusion?

Whether you are a business-minded individual, an online marketer working from home or someone looking to grow in life, you can be easy distracted from what you want to do. However, understanding what distraction is and those things that can distract you is the first step to finding a solution to this problem.


Distraction is simply an interruption or confusion, a serious problem caused by your inability to pay attention or focus on a task. Distraction can cut into your growth, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. While it may seem like an escape from psychological discomfort, distraction remains an unhealthy one.

Changing your level of distraction requires two critical steps:

  1. Identifying distractions, and
  2. Defeating whatever distracts you


Nothing is more provoking than realizing at the end of the day that you have barely completed anything at all. When you’re unable to achieve a task within a set reasonable time, or you begin to lose interest in the object of attention, then you should know that a distraction is about to sets in.

Here is what I mean:

1.Taking your eyes off the task – when something piques your interest and you look away from the object of attention;

2.Taking your mind off the task – When your attention is divided between at least two or more tasks. While some tasks are not very distracting, others place high cognitive demand on the brain;

3.The duration of the distraction – the duration of time that your brain is disengaged from the task is longer;

4.You know what your goals are, but you can’t figure out how to get there;

5.Trouble prioritizing what’s most important – this happens when you have a long list of tasks or a vague goal. You will often find yourself multitasking, ticking out tasks on your to-do list as you jostle between different tasks;

6.Lack of motivation – a lack of motivation can strike when it’s time to focus, thereby leading to procrastination or keeping you from staying focused;

7.Fear and anxiety – Anxiety or the fear of failure remain the number one enemy of anyone who dreams. It can make you lose focus and cause you to give up on your dreams.

8.Emotional procrastination

9.Time management issues

At this point, you need to pause, contemplate, identify any negative emotion and then remove the
desire to fulfil the distractions.

Comparing yourself with others
By nature, we tend to compare ourselves to other people, particularly our peers who are doing well compared to us. We compare success, appearance, and even families, forgetting that we’re all born with different talents and abilities. Trying to be like them, learning their craft and how they become successful can make you abandon your goals to start pursuing shadows.

1.Discouragement from people
Parents are specifically guilty of this, as the majority want to dictate for children. For instance, they may want their children to graduate and search for a career with an established company. Hence, they tend to discourage their kids from fulfilling their individual dreams after graduating from school or college for fear of failure. At times, your spouse, friends, etc., may deter and distract you because they cannot see the possibility of you succeeding. They usually don’t have “the dream” you may have. They may not see your potential and may not want to. So they pass along that discouragement to you, and you got distracted.

As you think about those things that distract you from growing, it would be like putting water in a basket if you don’t know how to defeat your distractions. Applying the following tips will help you defeat your distractions:

Make a positive and prioritized list of activities that will give you a sense of achievement. Take care of the big tasks first. They may be discouraging and overwhelming, but you don’t have to let fears and worries distract you from accomplishing them. Split the task into smaller chunks, assign an amount of time to each bit and plan your time accordingly. That way, you will be able
to clear your head, stay more focused, and take time to reflect on what is essential. If possible, be alone.

One way to defeat distraction is to schedule some of your work time to when you are most likely to be alone. Of course, this isn’t always impossible. You can work when everyone is asleep, work late at night or very early in the morning. You can even specifically tell people around you not to disturb you that you want to get busy – or you go to some quiet place to work. This will boost your focus and productivity.

Monitor your habits

An ideal way to identify and defeat distractions is to examine your habits. You may think that you already know all your most effective habits and the habits causing you problems. It might surprise you that bad habits and distractions soon become apparent. Once you have identified your bad habits, then you can start to eliminate them.

Schedule appointments

People can be time-wasters. You can spend your whole time with someone who will interrupt your day, and you accomplish nothing. So if you want to be successful, do not let anyone walk in on you without prior notice.

Don’t entertain negative energy around you.
Negative people will want to steal your goals and distract you from your dreams. Appreciate everything in your life, even if it’s a little. If you grumble, you spend negative energy being distracted.

Your Attitude

To defeat distractions, learn how you approach tasks. Pretend as if you’re being assessed and observed and that the task is approaching the deadline. Trust me; your performance will improve extensively.

Beware of technology

Although video games, social media, mobile phones, etc., provide us with pleasures, we generally overuse them to the point that they cause distractions. If you’re like most people, then it’s easy to get distracted by email messages. Perhaps you check it every few minutes, or maybe
you’re handling it inefficiently. Well, how often you check your email depends on the nature of your business. However, you might decide to check your email every three hours. You can even create uniquely personal and work email addresses. By so doing, you avoid checking up your personal emails when it’s time for work.

Tidy up Your Workplace

When you have a lengthy task that requires concentration, ensure you tidy up your workplace so you can eliminate distractions. Declutter your desk and office to allow free energy flow. Clear up the wall in front of you to keep your mind on track.

Move with people of like minds.

Never discuss your goals with someone who is not going to support you. We all have that friend or family member you discuss your idea with, only to be shot down with negativity. You will always hear, “I have a friend who has a cousin who had tried that and failed”. Do not surround yourself with anyone who does not believe in your dreams. Keep your goals away from dream killers.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to defeating distraction. But I know that you will be able to defeat the distractions in your life using the tips above – and you will be on your way to living the life that you really want. I would be glad to hear how this article has been helpful to you. Send All Request & Donations To: 2288 Gunbarrel Rd. Suite 154/388, Chattanooga/TN 3742. 

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