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5 Ways To Make Your Child A Genius

5 Ways To Make Your Child A Genius

Parenthood is not just been a parent alone and bearing kids. It goes all the way to bringing them up in good manners and smartness. It involves raising your child with love; genuine time and devotion to your child. Genius is a cultural term.

Many parents think they need to be smart but that isn’t necessary. Your child just needs your attention. To make your child a genius depends on two major factors. One has to do with their environment. The environmental factor includes you; the parent, siblings, neighbors and teachers. The other has to do with the child’s mental and physical states. Although there are some authors who argues that geniuses are born not made, there are individuals whose parents made conscious efforts to make their child geniuses. There are examples that shows that parents have a large role to play in bringing the best out of their kids such as was with:

Oprah Winfrey, Media Magnate; a philanthropist whose grandma taught her to read at three years old which helped her developed her famous love for books.

Mark Zuckerberg, Internet entrepreneur; founder of Facebook whose dad taught him Atari BASIC programming in his junior high years.

Sean Carter popularly known as Jay-Z; a rap mogul and marketer. In his early days his mom got him a boom box as she was unable to keep him from banging on their kitchen table.

Parental involvement in developing a genius child is a combination of commitment and active participation on their part and so is very vital to the all-round development of the child. Parents should help their kids become perceptive, curious and be able to learn concepts easily. A child should be interested in learning and able to learn by themselves and also generates original thoughts of their own.

Parents should also give their kids a nice diet and nutrition as this helps to balance their health and lifestyle.

What Can Be Done?

1. Encourage Curiosity In Your Child

This is a major character of known geniuses. They are always inquisitive and want to go deeper, wider or higher. When your child asks “why” and “what if” questions don’t shut them up. If the answer to such question is unknown try and lovingly find it with them despite your busy schedule. Do things with your child to re-spark this curiosity. Places like art galleries, musical shows,museums and libraries are where they can discover new things that may be interesting for both you and them.

2. Waste No Time

Many kids waste a lot of time  playing and watching TV, also with computer and video games. This time can be used by the child to develop his IQ. Limit TV watching and encourage your kid’s computer IQ. Websites like Wikipedia, Google Translate, CIA World Factbook where they can get acquainted with new facts and ideas should be encouraged by parents so as to make their kids geniuses.

3. Encourage Your Child To Be Self-Exploring And Self-Learning

This can be achieved by a kid through reading. Push, push, push your child to read but don’t push past their capability and retaining skills. Give them kid-oriented picture reference books that conveys lots of information. Read together with your child

4. Get Your Child Thinking

This is math and logic. Get your child counting first, afterwards adding, subtracting, multiplying in order as soon as they look like they understand what a number is. Jigsaw puzzles, mazes, some board games and some computer programs are also excellent for developing logic and reasoning in a child.

5. Develop Confidence In Your Kid

To make your child a genius one of the important things to be done is develop the kid’s confident. Kids fail a lot practically on a daily basis but it’s awesome. So far they don’t get discouraged with their failure. Hence they fail a task it shouldn’t deflate them or make them lack confidence, rather it should be the opposite.
Try to help your kids forge that feeling that they can do anything. If it seems impossible that’s because they haven’t thought about it or studied enough yet.
Hence as a parent helping your kid is part of your obligations to them. If you as parents do these things on a regular basis and at the most challenging level they can handle:
Thinking about things and
Reminding them that they can do whatever they want to then you can also have “genius” or “gifted” children. Since knowledge compounds, they will only get further advantages as the years go by so long as they retain those habits.

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