Sex trafficking is beginning to make the headlines more often about how aggressive the Sex traffickers are becoming. Sex traffickers now use more sophisticated approaches and tricks to target unsuspecting and vulnerable people for their personal financial gain.

Due to its clandestine nature, misconceptions, and little or no information about its indicators, this crime continues to be unreported despite increased awareness.Hence, we must recognize the dynamics in the ever-expanding repertories of scams and tricks that sex traffickers are using. But first, you need to understand what sex trafficking is. Here is another link on this topic: Trucking & Human Trafficking –

What is Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking is a form of 21st century slavery, where women, adults and/or children are forcefully involved in commercial sex acts. Sex traffickers could be but not limited to employers of domestic servants, business owners, labor brokers, Gang members, family members, a lover or someone you met online. They make use of deliberate processes to identify and recruit their victims. Worldwide, It’s estimated that there are about 4.5 million victims of sex trafficking.


It’s not as if sex traffickers rip their victims off the sidewalk and take them to a dungeon and chain them up, at least not most of the time anyway. On the contrary, they use different tactics and tricks to lure their victims. Outlined below are 10 of these tricks deployed by sex traffickers.

1. Using Victims to Recruit Others

Sex traffickers rely a lot on abuse to break down their victims defenses, the end goal of such abuses is for their victims to see them as their Lord and master, such high level of abuse leaves their victims with the feeling that they don’t deserve better in life, because their victims’ defenses are completely shattered and their victims have become malleable in their hands, the sex traffickers rely on different kinds of threats to get their victims to recruit new people into their world. The victims due to fear of their masters go around using all kinds of methods to recruit other people.

Some of these victims can be desperate when trying to recruit. They would probably use drugs, or resort to violence to help traffickers claim their victims. It is very important to keep an eagle eye on your friends and places you visit. For ladies, make sure you carry a weapon at all times. At least get some pepper spray.

2. Disguised Meetings

My cousin who is about 20 years old, has been approached many times by girls around her age. They had asked them to speak to her about God, and also invited her to their “Girls only” bible study group at a location downtown. She gave them her number, and they were texting her asking if she would show up. But something about it didn’t feel right to me.

They kept texting, and she never replied. It later turned out that they were all part of a sex trafficking ring. They were on the news! They will tell you to meet them at an abandoned place or somewhere where there isn’t a lot of traffic. They say “Girls only” bible study group because they do not want you to bring a man or they want to make you feel more comfortable being in an all girls bible study. Be careful. It is okay to be kind to people. But do not trust anyone so instantly, and do not agree to meet someone at an unknown locations.

3. Perfume testing

Another rare trap that sex traffickers now use to recruit their victims is to give unsuspecting teens and youth perfumes to test. Zachary said, “I used to work at a coffee shop about 3 years ago, and this lady tried being ultra-friendly with me. She grabbed my wrist and sprayed some perfume on me. I went straight to the bathroom and washed my skin so vigorously” How lucky she was! These perfumes are probably full of chloroform, a chemical substance that can make you pass out in minutes. Don’t test perfume scents from anyone. If you want to smell perfume, go to a department store or a mall or authorized dealers.

4. False Advertisements or Opportunities

Sex Traffickers usually take advantage of the ever increasing levels of poverty in the world to lure a lot of people into their various nets. They use false job adverts with amazing opportunities, like high pay, little to no previous work experience or knowledge of a foreign language, free accommodation, free visa or travel procurement to lure vulnerable youths. The opportunities can even be advertised in legitimate newspapers using a registered business as a front.

Specifically, countries experiencing civil strife, economic downturn, and instability are often targeted because citizens seek better opportunities elsewhere. A prime example of this is what happens in the city of Benin, the capital city of Edo state in the southern part of Nigeria, Here the very high levels of poverty has always been taken advantage of by Sex traffickers to lure a lot of young women into sex trafficking using advertisements that promises a better life as bait. Extra caution should be taken when you leave to go abroad or accept a job offer within the same country. Know who your employer is, have their contact information, the address of the workplace and do extensive background research on the company. The beautiful thing is the fact that technological advancement has provided the whole world with Google and all forms of extensive research can be carried out there to be sure of job opportunities before going in-person.

Carefully look at any contract or document you want to sign. Make sure you sign a contract only in a language you know fluently AND NOT in a language you are unfamiliar with.

This will prevent you from becoming victims and signing contracts that unknowingly force you into slavery.

5. The ‘Loverboy’ Trick

Blind dating and online relationships are getting sour by the day, with different news about people’s sad experiences. While some people are alive to tell their stories, many have died.

Sex traffickers or their agents now use dating sites to lure young girls with promises of love, affection and access to a more glamorous lifestyle.

The traffickers will try everything! ‘Hey lady, you are exceptionally beautiful. I love your eye. Allow me to take you to dinner?’ etc.

They would pretend to be the best thing since sliced bread and will probably end up becoming her boyfriend. They would invest their time and resources to buy their victim’s trust, flatter her, and shower her with love, romance and promises of a better life until they are comfortable enough to make their move. They would even prevent anyone that might help the victims to see otherwise.

The aim is to separate the victim from their family or community. In some cases, force them to end up in a country where the target can’t speak the common language. When they arrive, it is only a matter of time before the victims discover the true nature of their “Loverboy.” The relationship quickly turns into a psychologically, physically and emotionally abusive one. The “Loverboy” uses violence and blackmail to intimidate his victims into compliance.

6. Sale by Family

In some areas of the world, unimaginable levels of poverty, debt, desperation and displacement causes families to sell their children to sex traffickers and it’s the pressure to alleviate these hardships and bring some much needed money to the family that causes some families to sell some of their children into sex trafficking. This is a common occurrence in the southeastern Asian country of Cambodia, Some female commercial sex workers in Bangkok and some other parts of Asia are originally from Cambodia but were sold by their parents for money to improve their living conditions.

In rare cases, parents sell a child out of greed and receive a monthly income. These families often build relationships with traffickers and will intentionally misrepresent the nature of the work to entice other families to sell their children.

7. Parking Lot Trick

This is another trick used by sex traffickers, this trick is used to create a reason for a woman approaching her car to pause before entering it, so as to create an opportunity to “Grab” her. They may also create a reason for her to exit the car focused on something else other than her surroundings.

As an example, women are reporting that as they approach their vehicle, they realize that a shopping cart has been “zip-tied”, to the door handle of their car! Since most women do not carry a pocketknife to cut the zip-ties free… they are caught off-guard as to why this has been done. The usual reaction is that it was done by someone they may know as a joke. However, what it really does is ensure they cannot enter their vehicle. The next thing they know, they are being dragged into an adjacent vehicle.

A variation of this type of parking lot assault is for their windshield wipers to be “zip-tied” together. This is extremely effective if it is raining when the intended victim returns to their vehicle. Either by simply noticing the zip-ties around the windshield wipers or if the victim tries to use them to clear the windshield while it is raining, the initial reaction is for the driver to exit the car to either try and remove the zip-ties or to figure out what is happening, this is when she is most vulnerable and able to be grabbed and pulled into another vehicle.

When you are walking to your car in a parking lot, keep your eyes open and constantly scan your surroundings. If you notice anything that looks odd around your car don’t approach it. Return to the store you just left and ask them for help or for them to call security or the police. If you are already in your car when you first notice something that is wrong with your vehicle, call for help with your phone and immediately start honking your horn and flashing your lights. Draw as much attention to yourself as you can…..but DO NOT EXIT THE VEHICLE!

8. Abduction

Abduction involves taking something or someone by force. Since sex traffickers use any means necessary to lure their victims into their nets, abduction is not off limits. This is an important weapon in the sex traffickers’ arsenal. In this case, the sex traffickers forcefully pick up a person they have been trailing for a while, they usually arrive in vans to enable them pick up as many people as they can. These sex traffickers usually trail their targets for a while, before making their move. When they arrive to finally abduct their target, they usually wear masks to avoid getting noticed and then make use of sedatives to make their victims unconscious, some even go as far as using Tasers on their target all in a bid to overpower them, after which their targets are loaded into their van or vans and taken to their secret locations to be sex trafficked.

9. Seeking help in disguise

Sex traffickers or their agents can disguise and ask their target for help. Sandra Smith shared her experience about random people seeking help in a Facebook group.

According to her, “a woman came out of nowhere in shorts and a top with no bra looking dirty and messy and asked for my cellphone to make some distress calls. She excuses herself to make the call. After that, she thanked me and told me some stories about what happened to her. She called me beautiful and then told me her hotel room number in a nearby hotel so that I could come over. Beautiful? The fact is I was damn looking rough. I thought she was really sweet and I had no bad feelings till I thought about everything. From the incident she said happened to her to telling me that I am beautiful and to giving me her room number. Everything looked so awkward! Thanks to my intuition.”

Whether women or men, you have to be wary of both genders when rendering help. Of course, you don’t have to be rude. If they use some excuses of needing help so you can come with them, the best option is to call 911 on them.

10 Abuse of Religious Beliefs

Abuse of religious beliefs is another very common trick sex traffickers use to get people. This is common is certain parts of the world. This happens in Nigeria which is Africa’s most populous country. Nigeria has gained a reputation as a hub for sourcing slaves, moving people, and a destination for trafficked people.

In the Benin region of Nigeria, traffickers recruit the locals using a unique trick. Traffickers abuse an element of their belief system to place psychological bonds on their victims during Juju (Diabolical) ceremonies.

In these ceremonies, victims go to a shrine where they will take an oath before a priest. The priest uses their body hair and fingernails to make a vessel or figurine which exerts control over the victims and this ceremony places them under an obligation to repay their debt once they arrive their destination which is usually overseas.

During the oath, victims make all kinds of promise such as they won’t run away, to obey their trafficker, to keep silent and never speak to officials, and to pay back all the money they owe their trafficker. Indeed, the girls believe that to break the oath would cause grave, if not fatal consequences for the victims’ family.

Nigerian victims are often taken to be sexually exploited in Italy and other locations. They are also forced into exploitative labor, begging, money laundering operations, and even organ transplantation.


There are people putting cards & flyers dripped in tranquilizers on cars in parking lots of grocery stores. When the car owners touch these items, they’re passing out & getting trafficking.

Final thought

With how smart sex traffickers are becoming, you can no longer conclude that anyone approaching you or people you know, male or female, is not a threat.

Everyone is a potential victim of sex trafficking. The keyword is vigilance. When shopping by yourself or with young children, it is important to be conscious of your environment. Traffickers also use code words to alert others when they have got someone. Stay safe no matter where you are. Watch your back, do not talk to strangers. Send All Request & Donations To: 2288 Gunbarrel Rd. Suite 154/388, Chattanooga/TN 37421 Our Cash App: $LoyalDetermined


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