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10 Reasons Why You’re Broke

10 Reasons Why You’re Broke

You Just Can’t Say No

Saving is the key to not being broke and having enough money for your needs when you need it. You cannot save if you keep going out with every friend who asks. Some will ask you out for drinks, some for a game, others for a movie and before you know it you’re hosting parties at your home every week and have no idea how that happened. Yes, you might be an extrovert and completely outgoing but try to limit your everyday friendship circle to a few close friends whom you can go out with twice or thrice a week without ending up being broke.

You Have A Really Carefree Attitude Towards Life

Packing up stuff and leaving only looks fun in the movies it’s not practical. You can’t just run when you think everything is falling apart, especially when you’re broke. The world runs on money and if you think anyone is going to pay for your gallivanting and impromptu trips other than yourself you are mistaken. Sure you can have that beautiful, spontaneous life that you day dream about but you have got to save for it.

You Have No Control Over Your Shopping 

It is good to be impulsive sometimes but while you are shopping it’s not such a good idea. lf you have a closet full of clothes and shoes just lying around at home (which most women do), don’t be impulsive and buy more clothes to stuff into your closet. If you have just started a job and you are still figuring things out and settling down it is okay to not buy expensive stuff for a while.

Cater to your needs and not to your wants. And it’s not just women but men sometimes spend their money on useless things especially when it comes to buying a car and they’ll always gravitate towards the one they really can’t afford. Don’t take huge loans and get into a credit card debt only to regret it later. Pre-plan your expenses and think twice before buying something,  Ask yourself if you really need it right now.

You Are Always Hanging Out With Your Broke, Unsuccessful Friends

Even if you had a decent, well-paying job and you are wondering why you are getting broke every month, it’s probably because of the kind of people you hang out with. Broke people are usually unhappy and they will spend all of their time somewhere partying meaninglessly every night and consuming a lot of alcohol. Before you realize you are becoming just the same.

You Keep Lending Money

Your broke friends keep asking you for money and you keep lending it to them. Then you go party on the same money you gave them and you never get it back. Yes, they’re your friends but you cannot keep making the same mistake again and again because you can’t say no to them and go broke like them. Do not lend money to any one unless they are falling apart and really need your help. And most importantly always keep a track of how much money you have lent and to whom. Keep a small notepad for this purpose because if you don’t know who owes you how much money, you’ll never get it back.

You Are Too Nice

One of the reasons why you’re broke might even be that you are too nice to everyone around you. Yes, being nice is a good quality but it is a cunning world and if you’re not a little clever people keep using you. It might be polite to offer to pay the bill once or twice if everyone does so once in a while but you don’t have to pay all of the bills every time. Help people with things that does not involve money because no matter how much they promise they never pay back on time. They will keep procrastinating and you will keep saying it’s okay and you won’t have enough left for your own use.

You Don’t Have A Habit Of Saving

Saving is really more important than you think. You need to have a savings account for yourself if you don’t already have one. Yes, you might have seen it in movies and read it in books that life isn’t that long after all but if you still want to spend it comfortably don’t you? So stop being lazy, you have to work to look after yourself. Everything is not just going to magically fall into place and fill up your bank accounts. Make it a regular habit to put a part of your salary aside for savings account every week or every month so that you never have to go broke again. Life is full of ups and downs and you never know what you might have to face next.

You Don’t Have The Necessary Insurances

One of the reasons you might be finding it hard to make it on your own might be because you don’t know you ought to have insurance. The most important of all is medical insurance. You need to go to the doctor quite a few times in a year. If you are paying the bills straight out of your pocket you are going to get broke sooner or later. Although medical insurance is the most important but if you own a house or a car you must get those insured too. Repairs and servicing takes up way more money than you’d expect.

You Have A Bad Habit Of Paying All Your Bills With Credit Cards

Credit cards are meant to be used when you are not carrying a huge amount of cash with you and most you use it to spend the amount of money you don’t even have in your account on meaningless things. Almost everyone has more than one credit card. And with time you must have made it a habit to purchase everything with your card. It’s not the heavy transactions you need to worry about but the huge number of small transactions you make on a daily basis. When your credit card bill shows up at the end of the month it happens to be more than what you earn. From now on use your credit card less and pay all its charges on time. If the bills keep piling up you will get yourself into a huge debt.

You Don’t Make A Monthly Budget

Even the richest people plan their budget, that’s why they are rich. Keeping all your income sources in mind, you must have a rough idea of how much of it you have to spend. There are bills to pay, groceries to buy and trips to take and it all has to be thought about in advance. If you find it hard to make a monthly budget start by making a weekly budget and try not to spend a penny over the budget so that you learn self-control.

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