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10 Practical Ways To Handle Stress

10 Practical Ways To Handle Stress

10 Practical Ways to Handle Stress

These days stress has become a common part of one’s life which is a bad sign for mankind. It is unavoidable and is described by physical and emotional strains that lead to feelings of anxiety and fretfulness. It can be very dangerous and can lead to mental illness if not taken care of! Fortunately stress management is all about making some changes to your thoughts, emotions and the way you deal with daily lifestyle problems. Doesn’t sound that tough right?

Here are the 10 practical ways for handling stress, to relieve the pressure and regain control over your mind:

  1. Figure Out The Reasons For Stress

Feeling like you’re floundering day to day? It’s just the right time to identify your stress areas and work schedule. It may be a specific project at work or an important exam, a bad meeting with your boss or maybe a fight with your spouse! By pinpointing the reasons of stress in your life you actually get one step closer to avoid stressful situation by taking the necessary actions to avoid those reasons.

  1. Don’t Over Burden Yourself!

Let me ask you a question. Is it extremely necessary to do everything that is on your plate? Can you skip or say ‘no’ to a couple of things in order to have more time and energy? Yes right?

Reducing your load of passable tasks can greatly reduce your stress. Just review your tasks and activities on a daily and weekly basis to see what you can take out of your schedule to have that extra time and energy in your professional or private life.

  1. Do What Interests You The Most

It’s so easy to manage stress when your life is filled with activities that you love to do. Even if your job is the hub of it you can find a couple of hobbies that will make your day free from stress. Think about your passion, experiment with different types of activities to find something that interests you the most.

Example: I love to play the ‘mouth organ’ therefore I often play it for five to ten minutes when I am feeling stressful.

  1. Keep An Eye On The Clock

One of the biggest problems many people face is the lack of time. They think that they have a lot of time to complete tasks but time flies away and the work is still undone. And now your stress level will start increasing when you have less time and more work to do. To avoid such situations make your time table and divide time slots for every task, it definitely helps completing tasks on time when you have set your targets (reachable).

  1. Don’t Stretch Your Boundaries

Are you a people pleaser? Is it that you find it difficult to say “no”? This certainly means that you need to set boundaries, and know when to say “no” to someone who may ask you to overextend and give his/her burden to you. A little discomfort of saying “no” is well worth evading the tension of taking on that extra activity.

  1. Write Down Your Stress Situation

Writing about your daily work activities and stress situations at the end of the day is a great way to deal with the stress situations you have faced during the day’s activities. This certainly will help you in facing the stress situation differently if the same situation comes up next time and you’ll be prepared to deal with it in a better way.

  1. Don’t Be A Perfectionist For Every Task

Stop trying to be a perfectionist with everything that you do as it will get very hectic if you try to perform every single task like a pro. You can try focusing on one thing and be perfect only in that thing but do not try to do that for every task.

  1. Take Deep Breath And Relax

In a hectic day we often forget to relax even for a few minutes. Taking two to three deep breaths several times during working hours can help you minimize your stress level in a great and easy way!

Doing meditation in the morning is the best way to keep your stress level controlled, it is proven by the psychologists that only five to ten minutes of meditation can control your stress level and do wonders.

  1. Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet

You can handle stress only if you are fit enough so eat a healthy diet. Whole grains, fruits and leafy vegetables have all that it requires to make a healthy and balanced diet for your body and mind. Excess sugar, oily and fried food and coffee should be avoided.

  1. Remember To Laugh

As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine”, laughter promotes  releasing chemicals into the brain that helps with relaxation. People who are happier tend to be more productive than others and live longer as they have less physical and mental issues.

Though stress is unavoidable but when you manage yourself, your habits and your schedule in the proper way then that makes a huge difference in the way you look at life. It also gives you the energy to manage your stressful situations well. So stay happy, feel awesome and be a non-stress taker.

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